Education System

Malaysian Education System

The education system in Malaysia is usually overseen by the two government ministries of Malaysia. The Ministry of Education of Malaysia handles all the pertaining matters that are to pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and post secondary schools. All those matters that are regarded to tertiary education are actually dealt by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. Although the education system of Malaysia is the responsibility of the federal government but each of the state of Malaysia has its own educational departments that coordinate all type of educational matters in its territory.


The main and the most common legislation that govern education system of Malaysia is the Education Act of 1996. The education system of Malaysia encompasses all type of education that encompasses from the pre-school to the university, pre-tertiary education system which is pre-school to secondary education. This education system is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education while higher education or tertiary education system is actually the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. The vision of the Malaysian government is to make Malaysia a centre of the educational excellence.


Tertiary Education System in Malaysia

At the level of tertiary education system, all the institutions of the higher learning systems offer different courses that lead to the awards of the certificate, first degree, diploma and also the higher degree qualifications which are necessary at the professional and academic fields. The study duration for all type of basic bachelor degree programs in Malaysia are actually for 3 years and the courses of the study at this level is usually provided by both the private and public educational institution of Malaysia that always attract most of the international students of the world.

Actually there are two types of major groups that provide tertiary education in Malaysia that are;

  • Private

Private educational institutions are the private funded institutions that are also known as higher educational institutions that include private universities, private university colleges, universities of foreign branch campuses and also the private colleges that are easily available in Malaysia.

  • Public

Public educational institutions are the government funded institutions that are for higher learning which includes polytechnics, public universities, teacher training institutes and community colleges.

Postgraduate Study in Malaysia


The country of Malaysia is the land of opportunities where different types of postgraduate courses are offered.  Malaysia is a country that offers courses in business, medicine, electronic, commerce, IT, engineering and nursing.

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