Why Study In Austria


It may be relatively small, but there are many reasons to study in Austria, including a number of universities which rank among the world’s best. In terms of area, Austria is no bigger than the US state of Maine, and in terms of population, it is home to roughly the same number of people as the UK capital, London. But this beautiful Central European country, full of stunning landscapes and exuberant cities, should certainly not be judged on size. Due to its rich cultural past and present, Austria is cherished by people worldwide. The varied landscape is of great importance to tourism. There are many ski resorts and in the summer there are a multitude of opportunities for hiking and climbing or for water sports on the numerous lakes.

Other factors for deciding on a stay in Austria include the great social security, the economic stability and the great hospitality of the Austrians. The Austrian educational system offers a broad spectrum of educational opportunities. This is why Austria is an ideal place for studying and living.

The higher education of Austria unites three very important aspects: a great number of high quality tertiary education institutions in all nine federal provinces, a long academic tradition and an open-minded atmosphere for creativity and innovation. In many areas the Austrian institutions have institutions have accomplished outstanding achievements on an international level and gained high reputation

The Austrian educational system offers you a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, making Austria an ideal place for studying and living.

Austria combines a long tradition in higher education with state-of-the-art research and offers five types of higher education institutions:

  • Universities 
  • Universities of the Arts
  • Private Universities
  • Universities of Applied Sciences
  • University Colleges of Teacher Education
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