Study Cost

Cost of Studying in Cyprus


Tuition fees

  • EUR2800 – Tuition  Fees (Diploma & Bachelor Programs – per academic year – maximum 30 credit hours)
  • For the Master’s level, tuition and fees range from EUR 7500 to EUR 15000.
  • EUR4000 – MBA Tuition  Fees (program fees – English not included if required)

Discounted, Affordable Fees, Quality Education & Facilities offered by educational institutions in Cyprus

Living in Cyprus

Campus Life

Campus life is probably one of the most important periods in any student`s higher education experience and has profound impact not only on student`s social lives but in their professional lives as well. At Cyprus University, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of opportunities on campus to help students to realize their full potential. social, cultural, sports and academic opportunities, which compliments and supports the education  that students receive in classrooms. 

Living in Cyprus

Cyprus is still known for one of the best cuisines in the world like lamb, lash lash, full rich blended wine etc .Feeding is very affordable in Cyprus and our student can either cook or eat from our cafeteria where they can find continental dishes borrowed from several countries so as to suit each student`s different backgrounds.


There are several means of transportation, road , train, boat and metro ,it is very affordable to move from place to another. One with a driver`s license or an international license can also drive since roads are always free from traffic ,it would be easy to own a car and drive stress free, even taxi as well are really cheap and readily at your service.

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