Types of Education    

Courses Full

 As the name suggests, these are courses with integral period of study, not less than 20 to 25 hours of lessons per week, and minimum duration of 3 months. These courses are registered by the government as courses “CRICOS”, which are courses that can be offered for international students and but a Student Visa will be necessary.




  • General English registered with the Government as ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses Overseas Students) gives you the right to request a student visa. The General English Full-time –is offered for all levels and all ages, covering most aspects of the language including conversation. 
  • Academic English– Developed for students wanting a deeper knowledge of English for academic studies, and that student preparing for exams which are required for vocational and/or a University Course entry. English for Cambridge Test and English for IELTS also can fit in this category. 
  • English for Business– Course related to administration, marketing and related to management, computer science, tourism, hospitality etc. These courses include concepts and terminologies towards work and business purposes.


High Institute

Students have a choice of Public or Private Institutes and must be no more than 18 years old. An official translation of the last 2 years of institute history is necessary. The students are required to stay in home stay (with an Australian Family – costing approx. A$ 200 per week including meals) or with a responsible accepted by the immigration and Embassy, being at least 21 years old. Courses in Australian Public Institutes cost around A$ 4500 for semester approximately.


Vocational Courses or Technical

A Diversified range of vocational courses are offered in Australia, covering all areas and with different duration. For these courses, the student must have an intermediate level of English and some institutions require a IELTS score between 5.0 and 5.5 or the equivalent in TOEFL (check page on level of English). They are very much attended by Australians students, looking for a qualification to get a job, and many of the courses are opened to international students. TAFE institutions are the biggest supplier of these courses. There are also excellent private institutions offering Vocational Courses. Many courses allow the student direct access to Universities and the some studied subjects could be credited. They cost approximately between A$ 4000 and A$ 6000 for semester.


University Courses in the Australia

Lasting between 2 to 4 years on average, basic requirements for attending the majority of Universities in Australia is a result 6.5 IELT test and have already coursed at least 1 year. First step is to officially translate your course transcripts into English, which must be done in your home country. Then you must submit it to be assessed by the University. They will then verify if you will be able to attend the chosen course. Depending on the type of course, work experience could allow you to attend an undergraduate University course, or to receive credits in some subjects. Another way to enter in a University course, is to undertake a vocational course with an institution that has agreement with the University, and after the end of 1 year, with the qualification of the course, you may be able to attend the second year of the University. University courses in Australia cost approximately between A$ 6000 and A$ 7500 for semester (for international students). The majority of the Universities in Australia are founded by the government and for most International Students the courses need to be paid in full (per semester). Scholarships are only offered to very few individuals or by private institutions.


Masters and Post Graduation

In Australia to attend a Post Graduate course, the institutions require usually 6.5 in the test IELTS, your university degree description and transcripts, including the awards and number of hours studied in each subject, all officially translated into English. Depending on the type of course, work experience in your area could be considered and accepted, without a need for a University degree. Some courses are opened to any university degree. Others have pre requirements in relation to what has been studied previously. They cost approximately between A$ 6000 and A$ 8500 for semester (for international students). Most courses can be done in modules, for example attending 6 months or  4 subjects will get you a graduate certificate and studying  6 months more that is, 8 subjects could get you a masters (depending on the course).

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